Our fabulous range of multi award-winning gins have been selected for their quality alone and come from the best independent distillers.

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House London Dry Gin

Our house London Dry Gin has exceptional flavour and is great value.

In blind tastings it has beaten many famous brands that were two or even three times the cost!

House gin to accompany your greetings card
London Dry Gin

Voted overall ‘Winner’ and ‘Best in Britain’ at the 2020 Gin Guide Awards, this fabulous London Dry Gin also boasts a 2 star Great Taste Award by the Guild of Fine Food - the benchmark for fine food and drink.

London Dry Gin to accompany your greetings card
Navy Gin

A 'Navy' strength version of Henstone's award-winning dry gin, bottled at 57.3%abv.

The extra strength allows the botanicals to stand up to other flavours, making it ideal with mixers or in a cocktail.

Navy Gin to accompany your greetings card
Oak aged Rosé Gin

‘Winner’ in the 2020 Gin Guide Awards for its category, this oak-aged London Dry Gin takes a beautiful golden hue and subtle vanilla notes from the natural oak casks.

Small batches are produced with ‘Hilda’ - the distillery’s still in rural Shropshire.

Oak Aged Rose in to accompany your greetings card
Swedish Organic Gin

Lab Distillery Organic Gin is a modern Swedish, artisan-produced gin with a classic taste incorporating Swedish flavours and carefully selected organic ingredients.

Soon after its release, Organic Gin swooped 'Gold' at the World Gin awards in 2019!

Swedish Organic Gin to accompany your greetings card

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