Say thank you with our range of personalised alcohol gifts

We all have plenty to be thankful for right now. As the world struggles through the Covid-19 pandemic and businesses and individuals adapt to the latest guidance, we all have someone we want to say thank you to.  From the friends and family who have delivered shopping to our doorstep when we have been unable to get out, to the healthcare staff who have looked after our nearest and dearest.

Whoever and whatever you are thankful for, our personalised alcohol gifts are a novel way to show your gratitude.

Going one better than personalised thank you cards

The practice of sending greeting cards can be traced back more than two thousand years, to the ancient Chinese who exchanged goodwill messages to celebrate the New Year and the ancient Egyptians who expressed their messages on papyrus scrolls.  By the mid 15th century, people across Europe were exchanging greetings cards and since then conveying messages of thanks, celebration and festive cheer through the post has been part of our everyday lives.

When you want to show someone how grateful you are, you can of course, just tell them, but nothing says thank you better than a visual representation of your gratitude - in the form of the humble greetings card.  Whilst a personalised thank you card will do the job very nicely, you could go one better and choose from our range of thank you cards personalised with your message and a bottle of something special for your recipient to enjoy.

How will you say thank you?

A hug and a drink card


At a time when you can’t give anyone an actual hug, a virtual one is the next best thing.  So next time you want to say thank you to someone, try sending this hug and a drink thank you card - personalised with your own gift message and featuring a mini bottle of premium spirit. Choose from rum, gin, brandy, vodka or single malt whisky to complete your gift.

Cheers thank you card with alcohol gift

For the cosmopolitan recipient, who may be missing their travels, why not choose our Cheers languages card - greeting them with cheers in 5 different languages! Or choose our Thank you languages card - announcing your gratitude in multiple languages.  Add your own personal thank you message and complete the gift with a mini bottle of rum, single malt whisky, vodka, gin or brandy.

Thank you card with alcohol gift

When you just want to let the gift speak for itself, choose our starburst thank you card and surprise your recipient with this show of appreciation. Featuring a simple, yet impactful blue design and including your choice of mini premium spirit inside, this card emphasises how grateful you are to those who have helped you out.

Choice of mini spirit gift

All of our personalised alcohol gifts include an A6 card that you can personalise with your own message at the time of ordering and a 30ml bottle of your choice of premium alcoholic beverage from our current drinks list, with accompanying tasting notes.  Gifts are posted in a corrugated envelope and we aim to deliver most orders within 3-4 days - you can find up to date information on our delivery options here.

Shop now for personalised alcohol gifts

There are lots of ways to say thank you to someone, but a card, personalised message and mini bottle of their favourite tipple is effectively three ways in one! Shop online today and spread a little gratitude with personalised alcohol gifts from Message and a Bottle.