Gifts to say thank you


It’s the silver lining of the pandemic. The effects of COVID-19 have been devastating. But from selfless healthcare workers to random acts of goodwill, it’s certainly brought out the best in people. And if you’d like to show your appreciation – for someone or something that they did – we have the perfect thank you gift idea...

A personalised greetings card with a little tipsy treat inside.


Gift to say thank you

A thank you greetings card cum gift idea

Our ‘thank you’ designs are a lovely way to express your appreciation and repay a special person for a special thing they have done. Not only are they a beautiful greetings card that can be customised with a few thoughtful words of your own; open it up, and they’ll find a 30ml miniature of their favourite spirit hidden away inside. Just a little something to show how grateful you are.

It’s only a small gesture. But sometimes, that’s all that is needed to send a heartfelt and meaningful thanks. And whatever the reason for your gratitude – whether it be for their kindness, support, help or hospitality – we have a thank you greetings card that is guaranteed to brighten their day.


Thank you for being a hero

Thank you gift idea for a frontline worker


As the saying goes, ‘not all heroes wear capes’. And whilst we really can’t thank the NHS and key workers enough for all they have done, our ‘You’re Amazing Rainbow’ card is certainly a good start.

Perhaps you’d like to show your gratitude for a special nurse or doctor? Or maybe a teacher, delivery driver, or shop assistant? Someone who has worked selflessly on the frontline to protect others. For all those who have supported us during these difficult times, this is the perfect gift idea to say thank you.



Thank you for your help

Example of thank you greetings card available at Message and a Bottle


We’ve all needed a favour at some point over the last year.

Perhaps a relative did your weekly shop whilst you were shielding or in isolation? Or maybe a friend organised a video call to cheer you up after a hard week? Whatever the reason – and whatever the act of altruism – our ‘Cheers!’ greetings card is the ideal thank you gift idea.

Bright, cheerful and paired with their favourite drink. It’ll show your appreciation and put a huge smile on their face.


Thank you for being you

Special thank you card


The last 12 months have been tough for everyone thanks to COVID-19. And if someone has been there for you throughout, why not show them how much they mean to you with our beautiful ‘Starburst Thank You’ Card.

This has a very simple design, but it’s a fantastic gift idea to say thank you and show your gratitude for someone’s ongoing kindness, help and support.




Show your gratitude with an extra special thank you card

Our thank you greetings cards start from just £8.95 and can be paired with a range of drinks, including various gins, vodkas, rums, brandies and single malts. Simply find the recipient’s favourite in the list, add a personal message to the inside cover and tell us who deserves this special treat.

Orders are typically delivered within 3-4 days and can be sent directly to the giftee in a corrugated envelope. Alternatively, you can have it delivered to your own address – so that you can add gift wrap and hand it to them in person (at a social distance, of course!). It’s entirely up to you.

And keep in mind, we’re always open to requests. If there’s a particular personalisation or spirit you have in mind, please feel free to get in touch. Just send us a message via our online contact form and we’ll do everything we can to create the perfect thank you gift for your friend or loved one.